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Animal Statues

Animal statues and figures are a great way to enhance and personalize your outdoor garden decor. Animals have this unique ability to connect us to nature and touch a part of our soul. Vergil’s home and garden has a wide variety to mix and match these wonderful animals to tailor your outdoor garden decor specifically to your whimsical style. Our complete line of figures includes life size animals, replicas of all sizes as well as whimsical creatures like mermaids and gargoyles. We also have carousel horses of all sizes and styles to bring out the kid in us. Just a partial list of our realistic figures include Alligators, Bears, Buffalos, Cougars, Deer, Dogs, Eagles, Elks, Frogs, Gargoyles, Griffins, Horses, Lions, Longhorns, Mermaids, Pigs, Rams, Wart Hogs, Winged Lions and more. They are a great way to get creative with your outdoor garden decor while feeding that whimsical side and love of nature.

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Alligator Statue - Huge


72"L x 23"W x 21"H
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Bear - Lifesize Grizzly

$2 110.00

4' Tall
[Product Details...]

Bear Head Mount


27"L x 25"W x 31"H
[Product Details...]

Bear on Rock

$3 200.00

[Product Details...]

Buffalo Head Mount


36"L x 25"W x 20" from wall
[Product Details...]

Buffalo Statue

$3 000.00

[Product Details...]

Cougar on Rock


58"H x 49"L x 26"W
[Product Details...]

Cougar Statue


62"L x 13"W x 17"H
[Product Details...]

Deer Head


32"H x 29"W Base 13" x 21"
[Product Details...]

Deer Statue - Buck


36"L x 58"H x 12"W
[Product Details...]

Deer Statue - Doe


36"L x 47"H x 12"W
[Product Details...]

Dog Statue - German Sheppard


45" H Base 21" W x 26" L
[Product Details...]

Dog Statue - Hound Dog


48"H x 16"W x 12"L
[Product Details...]

Eagle - Medium


[Product Details...]

Eagle - Spread


52"H x 40"W
[Product Details...]

Eagle on Ball

$1 000.00

76"H x 36"W
[Product Details...]

Eagle Statue - Sitting


32"H x 12"W x 15"L
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Results 1 - 20 of 44