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Vergil’s home and garden carry such a complete line of merchandise it is hard to categorise all of it, so as much as I dislike having this category it is necessary and does show off some of our unique and fabulous products.

Vergil’s home and gardens line of outdoor clocks have been seen in parks and cities all over the United States.  They are replicas of the clocks of the past and provide an atmosphere and a function appreciated and at one time very needed.  They add beauty and function to any outdoor decor.  Mostly sold for commercial use these clocks come in all shapes, sizes and styles.

Over the past years Vergil’s home and garden has had the pleasure of providing outdoor decor to sub divisions and contractors.  These street signs are very popular because they add a sense of elegance to a business, sub division or city.  They are low maintenance and long lasting.   They are a perfect way to set apart your city or subdivision from the others and be recognized for putting additional thought into the details of your outdoor garden decor.

Vergil’s home and garden have several ways to make your outdoor garden decor romantic and inviting.  These Gazebos are a definite favourite to achieve that in your special area.  Like our other products they are sturdy, long lasting and low maintenance.  What a perfect way to add an outdoor living area to you home or garden.  They come in several sizes, but all are truly beautiful and inviting.

Vergil’s home and garden has been known since 1968 for providing unique and quality decor for inside and outside your home.  Over the 40+ years that we have been in business we have kept up with the trends in indoor decor while still providing quality reproduction of the Victorian age.  This line is so ever changing that only a small selection has been included on our website.  Please check us out often as more will be changed and added in this category than in any other.  We carry furniture, glassware, collectibles, pictures and so much more.  The best way to take full advantage of our indoor decor is to visit out location.


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Hall Tree - Bear


H 6'5"
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Hall Tree - Victorian


H 70"
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