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Gates and fencing are not only a wonderful outdoor garden decor they are also a great security feature.  Garden gates can be very decorative as an entry way or focal point in a garden.  Our gates and fencing are all made of Cast Iron.  They are very sturdy and you are assured a life time of enjoyment.  We use a special process to paint our iron products.  Some of our customers prefer the old rusty look while some are looking for a new pristine painted finish.  We are here for both of those requests.  Cast Iron will always rust but there are ways to minimize the rusting and keep the gate and fencing looking fabulous through the years.


Our driveway gates come in a variety of sizes.  Most are sets of 2 sides.  They can be mounted to be automatic or if you choose they can be open by hand.  Driveway gates are a great way to protect your property and privacy while adding to your outdoor decor.  We basically carry one style but it can be ordered in a variety of ways to suit your personal need.  In the past few years our affordable and sturdy driveway gates have provided a piece of mind to our customers.  We are so glad that we can be a part of bringing a sense of security into their lives.
Estate Gates are the perfect way to make a statement that you have arrived while providing security to your home.  They are ornate in a grandeur style. These Estate gates can also be mounted to be automatic.  There is not a better way to secure your home and decorate your entry way.  They will give you a life time of security and enjoyment. They are absolutely beautiful.....delicate, protective and sturdy at the same time.


Vergil’s home and garden provide a wide variety of style and size in fencing.  They are perfect to add to an Estate gate, driveway gate or a garden gate.  With our variety of styles and sizes there is something to suit all of your needs.  They can be decorative or functional.  They can be made to look rustic or elegant.  Like most of our merchandise the choice is yours.  Your personal style and preference for your outdoor garden decor can be achieved.  They are a perfect way to secure your home, pool or garden.


Our garden gates are very exciting in so many ways.  They have been used by some of our creative customers as headboards for beds, trellises for outdoor garden decor, doggie barriers inside and outside of the home and of course as entry ways to that special outdoor place.  Like our driveway gates and fencing, they come in all sizes and can be used rustic or painted to add more of an elegant flair to your outdoor garden decor.  Just let your creative mind flow.  Of course they are also perfect if you are in need to secure an area this is a great gate for you.  They are function with style!.