Statuary feed




Animal statues and figures are a great way to enhance and personalize your outdoor garden decor.  Animals have this unique ability to connect us to nature and touch a part of our soul.  Vergil’s home and garden has a wide variety to mix and match these wonderful animals to tailor your outdoor garden decor specifically to your whimsical style.  Our complete line of figures includes life size animals, replicas of all sizes as well as whimsical creatures like mermaids and gargoyles.  We also have carousel horses of all sizes and styles to bring out the kid in us.  Just a partial list of our realistic figures include Alligators, Bears, Buffalos, Cougars, Deer, Dogs, Eagles, Elks, Frogs, Gargoyles, Griffins, Horses, Lions, Longhorns, Mermaids, Pigs, Rams, Wart Hogs, Winged Lions and more.  They are a great way to get creative with your outdoor garden decor while feeding that whimsical side and love of nature.

Bases are a great way to bring attention to any object. They have been used inside and outdoors to enhance the visibility of an item or decor.  Vergil’s has several styles of bases from simple to elegant that will help bring out the visibility of that favourite object or accent item.

Our decorative columns are one of my favourite items that we carry.  I know that makes this information paragraph more personal than informative, but I have seen them take a simple garden to a place of imagination and elegance.  Our columns are perfect indoor or outdoor.  They are made of cast aluminium and can be painted with a faux finish that can match your imagination or decor.   As the perfect outdoor garden decor they take that special place and turn it into your own. Indoors they instantly add a feel of elegance and ambiance.  They can be functional or whimsical the choice is yours but with these decorative columns you will definitely end up with something to talk about.

Statues and Figures have been used for centuries as outdoor garden decor.  Inside or outside they enhance and honour our belief and sense of what is important.  Statues are a perfect way to personalize your outdoor space and to add that something special that your garden or home has been lacking.

Hitching posts are a great way to mark your driveway or just add a part of the past to that special outdoor area.  We have 2 basic styles of hitching posts with will enhance a walkway, beginning of a garden path or mark your driveway with a sense of tradition and a little bit of old town.  These hitching posts are perfect for a barn area or rustic outdoor garden decor.