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Birdbaths are a popular way to add to the beauty of your outdoor garden décor while giving the additional benefit of providing a place for the birds in your area to bathe. Unlike an outdoor garden fountain a birdbath gives a wonderful water feature to your outdoor garden décor at less of an expense of an outdoor garden fountain. You will be amazed at the additional birds a birdbath will bring into your outdoor environment.

Besides the obvious enhancement of adding to the curb appeal of your home, an outdoor garden fountain has several additional benefits. They are the perfect outdoor garden décor for your flower garden while giving you a relaxing space with the wonderful sound of the water flowing over the tiers of the outdoor fountain to help take you away from the stresses of the day. This type of outdoor garden décor can enhance any part of your yard or garden.

Even though there are benefits in having an outdoor garden fountain in an area of public view (adding to the beauty and value of your home) there is nothing better than having an outdoor garden fountain area available for your personal relaxation and enjoyment. Patios, pool sides and outdoor living spaces are becoming increasingly popular for the decorative and relaxation benefits of outdoor garden décor.

Our complete line of fountains comes in all styles, prices and colors that will enhance any kind your outdoor garden décor.

Lavabos are also known as wall fountains. They are a wonderful outdoor garden décor. They can make a blank empty wall a focal point in your outdoor living area. They are used as outdoor garden fountains that attach to the wall. They are available with or without tiers so they can easily provide the sound of running water. When they are used as an active outdoor garden fountain they add a similar ambiance and relaxation of a regular sized outdoor garden fountain. Because of their ability to enhance the ambiance they are also very popular as containers for plants for a garden wall, or a wall in a foyer or entry way. They are the perfect outdoor garden décor for that empty space in which you just can’t decide what to put there.